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  • Static Website Design

    Your website design is the first impression of your online business

    With technology dominating over every business domain in today’s world, a powerful and convincing website has become a necessity. Be it a small scale business, a start-up or a full-fledged business organization, having a website is a must. Echrontech is one such static website designing company in Delhi NCR, where we focus on your business growth and expansion by developing and designing just the perfect website for your business.

    Static website designs are most suitable for businesses that do not change their products and services very soon but wish to reach out to maximum number of people. Static sites are delivered to the user just as they were stored on the server. There is no CMS (content management system) as the same content is displayed each time the website is viewed. Echrontech is a static web designing company in India that develops ideal static sites for target audience.

    Simple CSS and HTML languages are languages are used in the development of static sites. They do not have an interactive user interface and are quick and easy to develop and host. It is a very convenient method of promoting and expanding a business at infant stage. Our static website development company creatively designs suitable websites for all kinds of businesses.

    • Overview and Research

      Our static web development company prioritizes proper research in order to create an aptly informative website. When a customer presents to us his/her ideas, we carry out a proper research on that specific idea and infer all the necessities for that idea to be converted into a successful business through the site we create.

    • Planning and site structure

      We begin the static website design based on the outline we create after planning how the entire process shall be efficiently executed. We focus on providing an excellent user interface that ensures easy navigation through the site.

    • Wireframes Design

      A wireframe is like a blueprint that the website designs to expand upon. It gives the designers an outline to work upon. The wireframe gives us an idea of how the actual site will look. An effective wireframe design ensures an efficient site and thus, our static website development company ensures excellent wireframe designs in order to create just the right website for you.

    • Mock-ups Creation

      At Echrontech, we go through a number of designs each time for every site we create. The basic design that our team of experts thinks would be suitable is tried and tested and then finalized. Before we reach a conclusion, a number of designs and layouts are referred to and tested, and then our website development company chooses just the right design for your site.

    • Design Review And Approval

      While choosing and finalizing the right design for your website, we also rely on reviews and opinions of experts. Once we choose a page design to work on, our team of experts analyze the design based on different aspects and after passing all the tests the design is approved.

    • Slice Code Into Valid HTML5/CSS

      Static websites are based on simple HTML and CSS languages. Our coding specialists convert the page coding into suitable language for static websites keeping in mind to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the static website at every possible stage.


    A static website is most suitable for infant businesses. Echrontech understands all the hardships of a start-up and through our website we help to convert those hardships into stepping stones.

    We create user friendly websites that makes navigation easier and captures the attention of all visitors and potential customers. Our static website development company focusses on the smallest of details that indirectly add up to the success of your site.

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    Our work process

    Echrontech helps you establish a powerful business presence online. Our team of experts are always updated with the latest technology and thus create websites that help you achieve a lead in the race. Since there is no CMS in static websites, good quality content becomes all the more important. We ensure creative and captivating content and never compromise on quality. Since the appearance of the site is what makes the first impression, our website designing company pays extra attention to creative graphics that promote your business in a very persuasive manner.

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     The benefits of static websites

    • Static websites are much easier to host and free of the threat of code injection.
    • Since the do not rely on CMS plugins, they offer greater security.
    • There is no risk of website going down due to database errors.
    • With the advancement in technology, static websites have evolved and come back with a bang. E-commerce and other online activities that were previously dependent on dynamic websites can now free themselves from the complex coding and tedious scripting and opt for static websites which are much simpler.
    • Static websites are much faster as they can be served from the node closest to the browser.
    • Static website services come at cheaper rates as compared to dynamic websites which gives the organization a chance to use their resources to develop other aspects of their websites as well.
    • Massive traffic will never affect the working of a static website as the latter can be handled by just increasing the bandwidth.
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