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  • Hope for the Businesses With Digital Marketing at the Time of COVID 19

    Faced with new consumption habits due to confinement, digital marketing is the primary solution to maintain the link with consumers. As the company is content to curb the expansion of COVID-19, retailers find themselves in an uphill battle to try to deal with this heavy blow to consumption.
     This sudden crisis comes with new challenges, different in each sector, and with their own peculiarities: while physical establishments in sectors such as beauty, fashion, sport, or home have been forced to close their doors, d 'others like supermarkets or pharmacies are still open. Either way, they all have to reinvent themselves. 
    Consumer habits have been forcibly changed, and the online channel has quickly become the most impactful lever because it is the most accessible in these circumstances. In such a changing environment, it is essential that retailers assume great adaptability and improve their online resources, where digital marketing will be necessary to retain potential customers.

    Boost your online communication
    That traders have or not an e-commerce site, communication through digital channels will be a central concern in this period: one thing is certain is that consumers consult online to stay informed and stock up.
    In the case of merchants who have been forced to close their establishments, this route will be their main asset in generating income and retaining their customers. Simultaneously, supermarkets and pharmacies will need to diversify their demand between online and offline channels to serve it effectively. 

    Local audiences for a quality impact
    Home confinement limits mobility because if citizens are going to buy basic necessities, they must do so in the nearest establishments. For this reason, when designing a online marketing strategy during this period, it will be essential to segment by geolocation to have an impact on a target close to the points of sale.


    Extend your reach to an exciting target
    One of the significant advantages of the online channel is a large amount of information it provides on user interests, which allows them to profile and hyper-segment campaigns. Marketing. The goal is to reach users who have viewed products similar to your offering and who have shown an interest in your category in order to increase the conversion of your actions.


    Choose the most appropriate formats.
    The profitability of advertising on physical media such as billboards has declined considerably for obvious reasons. The distribution of printed brochures has been discontinued: it is time to invest in online formats as an alternative to continuing to communicate your content and updates. Businesses should use online formats that quickly drive consumers to their physical outlets if they are open and your e-commerce website. For example, a dynamic catalog allows content to be updated in real-time based on available stock; it may contain hyperlinks that redirect consumers to your online merchant site.


    Be flexible and maintain constant communication with your customers.
    Suppose retailers are serious about retaining their customers. In that case, it is necessary to ensure smooth and transparent communication to convey a reassuring message and publicize the company's measures in this regard. This will be done through the company's different channels or even by adopting new channels if necessary.
    Consumers must feel supported by businesses, and businesses must become facilitators and help them make this difficult situation more bearable. It is necessary to be flexible and provide solutions to problems that may arise due to containment (deliveries, returns, exchanges, etc.). The customer relationship service becomes an essential engine that helps to build trust.
    Well, yes, logically, we obviously spend most of the time on the internet. After the hour of sport or the outing of the dog, the working time (which is still significantly lower than usual, it must be said), well we still have the internet. It is the place where we are always free, where we can chat with friends, even have aperitifs on Skype, etc. The internet allows us to breathe a little at a time when we are asked to lock ourselves in our homes. 
    So inevitably, there are more people on the internet, and they stay there more time. This is also the business of many e-commerce websites, which sell their products without too much effort at the moment. Shopping (and compulsive buying) is rife, and there are plenty of businesses out there on the web taking advantage. 

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